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Calculator for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Input the numbers of the matrix:

  For testing:

     Norming mode:  
Root searching with maximal values.
Precriterion for zero of polynomial:cp(x) <
Final criterion for zero of polynomial:cp(x) <
Tolerance while solving
homogeneous systems:
All coefficients x with |x| < will be set to 0.
Limit for integer searching
Test eigenvectors by iteration   (converges usually for the eigenvectors with the greatest absolute value)
Verify eigenvectors   test of (M-µE)v = 0

Try modified options, if no eigenvalue or eigenvector can be found. Especially, the decreasing of the zero tolerance (while solving homogeneous systems) may be effective, if the program cannot find eigenvectors.

Absolutely no warranty!

Please, report bugs via eMail.

© Arndt Brünner, 13. 8. 2003 — Version: 31. 5. 2004
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